Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Log Home Blog is moving!

The Log Home Blog has left the building!

Actually, we've already moved... the new (permanent) address of this blog is now We're still sweeping up some sawdust and rearranging the shelves, but we are ready to have you come by for a visit. Be sure to bookmark the new location and subscribe to the feed so you'll not miss a single post.

Why the move?

The worst part about technology (other than when it doesn't work) is that there always seems to be a new or better way of doing darn near everything. This is both a blessing and a curse, as it means that those of us that are utilizing the technology must constantly revise things or adapt to changing methodologies. My blogging platform of choice is one such example.

For years I used Blogger to host the Log Home blog. Blogger is an excellent platform and I would recommend it to anyone, but I wanted to keep my blog under our main domain umbrella and add some additional features. WordPress seemed to offer the best solution to what I wanted to do, so we are now a WP-powered blog.

I've added some new posts already so your click-trip will not be wasted. Just this morning I posted an article entitled "How to find a ‘reliable’ remodeling company". Contrary to my previous comments about technology not working, here's a great example of how technology can save us money and make our life easier... really!

What will be different?

Besides a new simpler look & feel, there will be new features added to make your experience more rewarding and interesting. I think you'll like what you see. So, take a moment and visit the new Log Home bLog! FYI, I have imported all the old Blogger posts and comments into this new blog, so you won't need to follow the 'old' blog going forward.

As always, your comments are always appreciated and if you have a suggestion or notice any problems, don't be shy in telling me what you think. Thanks and enjoy the new Log Home bLog.

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